Carpathian Mountains in the winter - is primarily skiing, skating and sledding. Ski Resort Bukovel offers for this variety of trails, modern lifts, a magnificent open-air ice rink. For many interesting souvenir market on Yablunitskom pass, admire the products of folk artists, buy the memory yourself, but also for relatives and friends. The territory Bukovel and also with. Polyanica can visit the restaurants and kolyba, where you will be able to appreciate the local cuisine. And most important, most precious and priceless, that is, at any time, in the Carpathians - a fresh balmy air and serenity!

We will help you organize your vacation according to your wishes and preferences.

In the summer we will be able to order for you through the travel agency next hiking tours and excursions:

  • Hiking on the mountain Chomiak (1542 m), route length of 8 km, of which 900 m - lift-type serpentine path up. The pedestal of the Holy Virgin, Zhenetsky waterfall. Excursion duration 7-8 hours.
  • Hiking on the mountain Goverla (2061 m). Length of the route of 8 km, the vertical rise of 800 m. Length of ascent - 3 hours, the descent - 2 hours. With a need to have warm clothing, hat, comfortable shoes. Length excursion 11 -12 hours.
  • As well as walking to the lake Nesamovyte on g.Pop Ivanov, Sinyachku, city Kukule, city Kostricha, city Makovitsa etc.
  • Walking tour "Yaremcha-Pearl of the Carpathians"
  • Bus Tours "Kolomiya and its museums", "Transcarpathian Huzulschyna", "In the region of folk artists", "Castles in Galicia" and others.


About Us

Chalet "MarSo"

Chalet "MarSo" (Maria, Sofia - the names of our daughters) -2008 year built, 15 comfortable rooms with total area of 330,00 square. m of living space, including 2 family (two) rooms, each room has a bathroom (5 square. m), wooden furniture, satellite TV, balcony in each room. At your disposal a common dining area for 45 people, parking for 20 cars.

Carpathians, clean air, spring water, landscapes, pleasing to the eye at any time, the positive effect on all body systems.

If you want to relax in the Carpathians, but feel at home, you made the right choice. Hospitably burst open the door Chalet "MarSo" for those who prefer a comfortable family holiday. We always welcome our clients, who appreciate the warmth, comfort, home cooking and a friendly attitude the owners and staff.